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524764 Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd Buy Sell analysis.

524764 Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd Buy Sell analysis.

524764 Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd trades in BSE under Commodity Chemicals Commodity Chemicals

Moving Averages for Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd

  • 5Day Average: 16.12
  • 12Day Average: 16.24
  • 20Day Average: 15.72
  • 50Day Average: 16.12
  • 100Day Average: 17.41

Indicator MACD (12,26,9)

16.01, 15.92, 0.05
MACD is in positive zone

Indicator ADX (14)

31.82, 20.28, 10.49
ADX is indicating that momentum is weak.
Momentum is towards buying

Indicator RSI (14)

Current RSI is: 56
RSI is indicating buying momentum

Recent prices of 524764 Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd are as follows: Daily volume is divided by 10 day averaged volume

Date Close Range Change % Volume
25 Mon Mar 201915.3215.00 to 16.50-3.22%0.13 times
22 Fri Mar 201915.8315.57 to 16.53-2.58%0.17 times
20 Wed Mar 201916.2515.80 to 16.90-0.12%3.11 times
19 Tue Mar 201916.2715.40 to 18.95-4.01%1.43 times
18 Mon Mar 201916.9516.31 to 17.80-1.91%0.56 times
15 Fri Mar 201917.2816.20 to 17.692.07%1.62 times
14 Thu Mar 201916.9316.10 to 18.005.16%0.45 times
13 Wed Mar 201916.1015.80 to 16.90-2.78%0.23 times
12 Tue Mar 201916.5615.65 to 16.757.74%0.57 times
11 Mon Mar 201915.3715.20 to 17.00-4.65%1.39 times
08 Fri Mar 201916.1215.55 to 16.981.13%0.45 times
07 Thu Mar 201915.9415.61 to 16.95-0.06%0.54 times

524764 Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd Buy Sell analysis.

Stock is in a uptrend for shortterm, and I will avoid taking a SHORT or SELL trade in this stock. Look for opportunities to BUY or go LONG in Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd 524764 at this time.

It appears as if Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd 524764 gave a large move recently.

Stock of Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd (524764) is trading below an important moving average line, but it crossed this line recently, which means that it could show a small or a large recovery soon enough depending on its trend.

My analysis of Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd is bearish for shortterm, and stock might move down till 14.9 or till 13.8. Use a stoploss of 15.72 and if the stock hits stoploss, then it can shoot up till 16.57

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524764 Nutraplus Products (india) Ltd Buy Sell analysis.